Zootopia: APK Game for Android brings Characters from the Movie

Zootopia: APK game for Android brings characters from the movie

A game for Android has drawn attention in recent days. It’s Zootopia: Racing (疯狂 动物 城: 赛车 嘉年华). A game available only in Chinese, but that brings, officially, characters from the movie Zootopia from Disney.

Very cute and very well done, Zootopia Racing is not a new game. The game was originally released in November 2017. It has been a year since the game was released.

To play, just download the game on the Tap Tap website. Remember that you need the App to download the game. To log in you must have the WeChat application installed.

Despite being in Chinese, Zootopia: Racing is a game very easy to play. The producer of the game was inspired by much of Mario Kart 8.

Drifting, the lance run through the walls, even stunts in the jumps. Everything in the game is inspired by the Nintendo classic. You could not miss, of course, the famous power-ups.

The commands are very easy, and soon after starting, the game shows you how to play. Zootopia: Racing is an online game. Although he is in Chinese, he compliments the function of being instant fun. And that happens in a way that we rarely see in games of this genre.

Link to Download APK 1 (Tap Tap)

Link to Download APK 2 (APK Pure)

Developer: Babeltime 
Advertising: No | Online Game 
Contains built-in shopping: 
Requires Android 4.4 
Language: Chinese | Size: 1.68 GB

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