Yugi H5: Yu-Gi-Oh Mobile Game on html5

Yugi H5: Yu-Gi-Oh Mobile Game on html5

Yugi H5 is a browser game based on anime and card game Yu-Gi-Oh. Well known in the East, the game has won an English version, which can be played directly in the mobile browser, without having to install anything.

There are many activities in the game, such as 4 free characters, Yuki Kobe, Jubi, Uchiichi, Shizu. With the possibility to level up, get prizes, invite friends to play together, all for free. With the addition of HTML5 functionality, players do not have to install or load applications to waste space. Just type http://idsea.yugih5.com/ and play.

Yugi H5: Yu-Gi-Oh Mobile Game on html5

To log in, just sign in with the Facebook account. The game will be in Thai, but in the right corner of the screen is a button with the name “English”, when playing it, the game is in English.

There are more than 1000 Yu-Gi-Oh cards. But the site Yugi H5 SEA will launch new letters and packages soon.

Link to play: http://idsea.yugih5.com/

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