You can now Download & Pre-Register For Strategy RPG Sdorica

You can now Pre-Register For Strategy RPG Sdorica

I’ll tell you what we don’t have enough of on mobile – strategic gacha RPGs. That’s right, there’s a real drought of those on mobile. So praise the lord that Sdorica is here to save the day, eh?

Okay, we’re kidding – we know that mobile is full to bursting with them. So what’s the unique selling point for Sdorica? Well, the visuals look like something out of a comic? Nope, seen that before.

How about an MMORPG style combat system with classes that heal, deal damage, and tank? Again, seen all that. Well, maybe there isn’t a unique selling point.

You can pre-register for Sdorica right now on Google Play

It’s by the folks that brought you VOEZ and Implosion though, so you can trust that this developer knows its way around a good mobile game.  Rayark also knows fancy visuals too, so maybe that is a selling point?

Either way, I guess you could find out for yourself by checking it out on Google Play. It’s in beta in Singapore. Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the Philippines.

But if you don’t live in those territories, you’ll have to settle for pre-registering instead. You’ll get a bunch of surprises at launch, but you’ll have to wait.

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