You can now Play Battle of Polytopia with Friends

You can now Play Battle of Polytopia with Friends

The Battle of Polytopia is an immensely popular turn-based strategy game that launched back in 2016. Since then, fans have been gagging for one feature in particular: multiplayer.

Well, you can all breathe a big sigh of relief as developer Midjiwan has finally released it in an update. Not only that but with cross-platform support no less.

The Battle of Polytopia now features multiplayer

That means you can play this indie hit with your friends on iOS, presuming you have an Android device. And vice versa. That’s a pretty nifty feature bound to please everyone.

Don’t you know what The Battle of Polytopia is? Well, it’s a lot like Civilisation basically. Your goal is to rule the world, while simultaneously wiping out everyone else.

If that sounds like fun to you (and it really should), go ahead and grab it on Google Play right now.

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