You can now become a Viking lord in Civilization VI

You can now become a Viking lord in Civilization VI

Onward to Valhalla (and DLC packs)

Civilization VI debuted on iPad last December as an early Christmas surprise, and now we’re being treated to more Civilization goodness in the shape of two DLC packs—the Poland Civilization & Scenario Pack, and the Vikings Scenario Pack.

The Poland Pack seats you at the head of the Polish civilization. Rule your fledgling empire with Jadwiga, a Winged Hussar Unit. The pack also introduces the Sukiennice Building and gives you access to the Jadwiga’s Legacy scenario.

And should you choose to purchase the Vikings Scenario Pack, you’ll gain access to new Natural Wonders and six City-States. With the Vikings, Traders, and Raiders! The scenario you can conquer the world as a fearsome Viking lord. Good times, right?

You can buy the Poland Civilization & Scenario Pack and the Vikings Scenario Pack right now on the App Store for £4.99 a piece. You’ll need the full copy of Civilization VI to play either, but good news! Civ VI is 50% until March 1.

Just getting started? We have plenty of helpful guides to help your civilization make it through the Dark Ages.

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