Win Real Money Playing ‘Angry Birds’ in ‘WorldWinner’

Win Real Money Playing 'Angry Birds' in 'WorldWinner'

Winning real money by playing mobile games has become a weirdly normal thing in recent years, and WorldWinner [Free] is the latest platform to throw their hat into the ring. Their big claim to fame so far is the inclusion of Angry Birds [Free] with an iteration of the game they’re calling Angry Birds Champions which has structured tournaments in two formats. The first is a best of three where you play the same level three times, and the highest score is what is submitted for the competition. There’s also progression mode, which is the same basic idea but instead, you play three different levels in a row with only one chance on each level.

Here’s a video of the game in action:

These sort of real-world money lightweight gambling sort of things have been a fascinating trend to watch on the App Store, and I’m really curious to see how it all shakes out. I suppose playing Angry Birds the the potential to make a few bucks makes it more interesting than playing the normal version of Angry Birds but if people get upset about loot boxes as gambling, this feels way more like actual gambling. I guess we’ll see what happens if these services get any level of mainstream traction.

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