What Can We Do In Final Fantasy Dissidia After Beating Up The Game???

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is Released for Android and iOS

So you’ve made it all the way to the end of Dissidia Final Fantasy OO [Free]. First off, congratulations. That means you’ve watched a ton of cutscenes and battled your way through all five chapters of the story so far, undoubtedly tackling plenty of optional quests along the way. Nevertheless, there’s probably some stirring in some corner of the gamer part of your soul, wondering if that’s all there is (or maybe the regular part of your soul too, if you’re the existential part). The answer is no, because not only is there assuredly more to come on the story front — and if you’ve beaten what the game has laid out to date, you know that there’s nothing close to a resolution to its epic tale — there’s plenty to do while you wait for the developers to add more to the main quest line. If you want to keep playing, here’s what you should be doing every day to make sure your characters are as well-prepared as they can be for what eventually lies ahead.

Play Story Chapters on Hard Mode

Final Fantasy Dissidia

What you get: Gems, crystals, XP for leveling

While you may not have given it much thought at the time, beating any of the game’s story chapters the first time unlocks a Hard difficulty setting that applies to all of the main and side quests therein. It’s exactly what it sounds like, as all of the same battles are present, just with tougher enemies.

It’s worth your time to go back through all of them, as you can rack up more Gems by knocking out the mission goals in each fight. As well, Hard mode battles are good sources of base level crystals that you eventually run out of ways to gather as you get into the later chapters of the game’s story mode but still need to make your characters stronger.

Finally, Hard mode can be used to effectively level up some of the characters you don’t use as often as your mains, keeping them at least somewhat usable for the new content coming down the pike, some of which is guaranteed to force you to use certain characters to max out on rewards as we’ve seen so far.

Tackle Character-Specific Events

Tackle Character-Specific Events

What you get: New allies you can’t get through draws, 5-star armor, Gems

Along with the daily cycle quests, Dissidia Final Fantasy OO offers time-limited events based on a specific character. The first two introduced Squall (from Final Fantasy VIII) and Vanille (Final Fantasy XIII), and made it fairly easy to recruit them, requiring you to watch just two cutscenes and beat one level 10 quest. Easy peasy.

They’re even more rewarding if you keep playing, though, because they give you a chance to win two pieces of 5-star armor specifically for those characters: one for them to wear and another to level break the first one or give to another character, depending on your preference.

Since these events are only around for a few weeks, you’ll want to keep an eye on the Events tab daily to make sure you don’t miss any.

Visit the World of Illusions

Visit the World of Illusions

What you get: Summon enhancement materials, Gems, draw tickets, double XP for specific characters

The World of Illusions only opens up from time to time, so playing daily is the best way to ensure you don’t miss out when it’s available. The main draw for these quests is to provide enhancement materials to level up your Summons, which is valuable enough. But don’t sleep on the Gems they provide either, as some of the quests give you as many as 500 Gems for your first clear.

Another side benefit to each World of Illusions quest line is that it grants double XP to three different characters. So if you’re looking for another way to level up heroes that aren’t your mains, this is it — just don’t forget that these quests use Stamina Points (SP) that are connected to your overall player rank.

Grind Out Cycle Quests

Grind Out Cycle Quests

What you get: Crystals, Gems, Gil

This is undoubtedly the least interesting endgame content at the moment, but it still serves a purpose. You’re able to clear 10 Cycle Quests per day, which rotate between the different colors of crystals and one where Gil is the main objective.

The current Cycle Quest schedule is as follows:

  • Monday: Black crystals
  • Tuesday: Red crystals
  • Wednesday: Blue crystals
  • Thursday: Green crystals
  • Friday: Yellow crystals
  • Saturday: White crystals
  • Sunday: Gil

Don’t feel like waiting? You can unlock any Cycle Quest for 30 minutes by using a Cycle Quest Key. If you run out of those, you can buy more using Dissidia Points. Just tap on the stylized ‘D’ icon on the game’s home screen, and you’ll see a pop-up window allowing you to exchange 100 Dissidia Points for one Cycle Quest Key.

One more thing to remember about Cycle Quests is that while they focus on a particular color, you do earn smaller amounts of crystals of other colors while you clear them. So even if you are well-stocked with that day’s color, it’s not a bad idea to play your daily allotment of 10 quests regardless.

Team Up for Level 50 Co-Op Quests

Team Up for Level 50 Co-Op Quests

What you get: Gems, crystals, more

For now, these are the ultimate Dissidia Final Fantasy endgame content. You can’t take on a Level 50 Co-Op Quest solo even if you wanted to since the game doesn’t give you the option, and you probably don’t want to anyway.

An interesting twist that goes along with these quests is that you can earn additional rewards based on your cumulative score from clearing the Level 50 Co-Op Quest repeatedly, regardless of whether you play as the host or a guest. Among the loot available for the first one, the Dragon of Death is additional Gems, support items, draw tickets and five-digit amounts of Gil.

Don’t forget that while Co-Op Quests use Link Bells to limit how often you play, only the Host uses one. You’re free to join as a Guest as often as you like, and the cumulative rewards for Event Missions make it actually worth your while to do so as long as they are running.

Why You Should Be Saving Gems

Why You Should Be Saving Gems

In any game with a gacha system like Dissidia Final Fantasy OO, it’s tempting to just hit the store and spend your premium currency as soon as you get enough for whatever the best purchase might be. In this case, it’s 5000 Gems to get 11 item draws, which is a good deal not only because you get one extra item (which would normally cost you 500 Gems or a draw ticket), but also because you are guaranteed a 5-star weapon.

Yet there’s still another dimension to it beyond that, which is that some of the event draws and weekly draws give you as high as a 90 percent chance of obtaining the 5-star weapon for one of three different characters. Until you have every character on your roster matched up with his or her specific 5-star weapon, that’s a powerful incentive to stockpile Gems and spend them only when the draws that benefit you the most come around. It doesn’t totally negate the gacha aspect of the game, obviously, but it does mitigate it when you spend wisely.

Finally, something that only was added shortly before I wrote this guide is the addition of multiple 5-star weapons for some characters. For example, Cloud now has both the Crimson Edge and Ogrenix from Final Fantasy VII as options, both of which have different special abilities. That should be another factor in your mental calculus when deciding when and on what to spend your Gems.

Still, if you take nothing else away from this entire endgame discussion, it’s that there’s currently no good reason not to wait until you have 5000 Gems before taking a shot on gear draws, and even after completing all of the game’s story quests, there are plenty of opportunities to keep earning them daily to stockpile them for down the road.

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