Westworld: Announced HBO TV Series Game Pre-Register Now

Westworld: Announced HBO TV Series Game Pre-Register Now

Warner Bros. announced the pre-registration phase for Westworld, a game for Android and iOS based on the original HBO series. Developed by WB Games and Behavior Interactive, the new game will be released in April.

Westworld will be a simulation game where players will create the whole design of the violent park for adults. Not only the external structure but also the whole background as sectors of security, energy, construction of synthetics and so on.

The visuals of the characters are very uncompromising, following the cartoon pattern. The game will be full of jokes and references to the series, with simulation right from the operating system that operates the park, called the Delos.

The presence of characters in the series promises to be one of the high points of the game. With the possibility to unlock several of them and direct them to missions in the park.

Do not forget to remember another game, right? At the same time I thought of Fallout Shelter.

It is now possible to pre-register the game on Google Play or the iTunes App Store , according to its platform, and wait for the game to launch. But the APK should pop around before launch.

Source: https://www.westworldmobile.com/

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