Webcomics The God of Highschool Gets Incredible Game For Android

Webcomics The God of Highschool Gets Incredible Game For Android

The God of Highschool is a webcomic and anime of great success in Asia. Producer SN games Corp has prepared the 2018 global launch of The God of Highschool. An impressive RPG and fighting game that was released in 2016, but only in South Korea.

The game has already been released in other countries, but Brazil was still left out. But you can download the APK and play right now. 2018 The God of Highschool inclusive, is all in Portuguese.

The plot of the game is as follows. When an island disappears in the middle of the earth, a mysterious organization sends invitations to a tournament with the skilled fighters of the world. “If you win, you can have ANYTHING you want.” They are recruiting only the best to fight against and claim the title of The God of High School.

The God of Highschool features perfectly animated 3D characters from the Cell-Shading style. With several modes to play, the game features team battles, 3v3 battles, story mode and more.

Webcomics The God of Highschool Gets Incredible Game For Android

“How to Play The God of Highschool”

At the moment, for Brazilians, the game is only available via APK. But there is no limitation of region. Just download and play.

When you start the game, it downloads all additional content. Also in the beginning, the player must choose the server, and the Server in the West (SEA) option is already selected.

To log in, simply sign in via Google Play Games and then tap Tap to Start. You will need to enter a nickname.

The commands are quite simple. On the left side are the move buttons and the right side, the attack buttons. The main mode of The God of Highschool, is the story mode that accompanies the adventures of Jin Mo-Ri and his friends.

APK Game Link (Android)

Play link on Google Play (Android)

Developer: SN games Corp. 
Advertising: Yes | Online Game 
Contains built-in shopping: Yes 
Requires Android 4.1 
Language: English | Size: 1, 31 GB

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