Watch out! Fortnite ads on Youtube are “Malware”

How To Play Fortnite On Android and iOS For Free

For sure Fortnite is one of the most sought-after Android games for today. To take advantage of the hype of the game, some developers are promoting malicious apps. Here’s how to be careful not to fall for the “hit.”

The blow consists of the following. An ad, which usually appears on Youtube, asks you to access a website to download an APK.

The genius of the coup is this! Take advantage of the huge interest of players to make ads on Google platforms (search and Youtube).

Notice the image above as it names Fortnite only as “FN”. This particular video suggests Early Access (early access to the game), which is not true.

Although not exactly a “virus”, Malware will start to take advantage of your device, display ads constantly and may even steal your data.

The site in question is NOT official. The downloaded app, it’s not the game! It will just ask you to download other apps that populate your smartphone with ads and advertisement.

I was not taking this “Alert” very seriously, because I thought: “it’s impossible for the mobile gamer to fall for this.” But already appeared people ask this in the group of the site on Facebook, which denotes the innocence of people.

The videos linking to such a site have spread over the internet and even have millions of access. Who discovered this “Malware” was Lukas Stefanko, a researcher who works for security companies..

The thing is even more complicated, because the “coup” deceived even some youtubers gringos who believed (and still believe) to be the beta of the game on Android. Fornite is scheduled to be released on Android by September 2018.

So far, Google, who takes care of the ads on YouTube, has not taken action. Then there is the alert. The only official Fortnite website is this: .

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