Warriors of Waterdeep brings D&D to Mobile, Pre-Register Now

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Just when you thought you couldn’t get enough freedom to play RPGs, Wizards of the Coast announces Warriors of Waterdeep.

You’ll pick a character from a variety of different classes and races, then head out on a bunch of quests provided by Yawning Portal Inn barkeep Durnan.

These quests usually involve a battle or two, so prepare yourself for that. Battles are turn-based here as well, so it’s not the all-out action fest of Dark Alliance.

Warriors of Waterdeep is a turn-based RPG coming soon to Android

Complete them and you’ll collect cards to upgrade your character. You can also buy these from Murt the Moneylender, who shows up occasionally.

As you can expect, there’s also a ton of loot to gather. This includes different armor and weapon types, and class items.

You can learn more about Warriors of Waterdeep and pre-register right now on the official site.

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