War Song is released in Japan entitled to Iori (KOF)

War Song is released in Japan entitled to Iori (KOF)

War Song is a MOBA released in Japan that was developed by Sixjoy. By its title, Fantasy Fighter , we realized that the producer loves The King of Fighters , and this was evident in the launch of the new game. Iori , one of the main characters of KOF will be a playable champion in this game strongly inspired by League of Legends .

Similar to King of Glory and Arena of Valor (I suspect War song uses Tencent’s licensed King of Glory engine), War Song is a 5 v 5 MOBA where players will fight for victory by destroying the enemy base. For now, the game features 20 heroes from 5 different classes, such as Tank, Marksman and Support. Highlight of the game is the Japanese dubbing!

Gameplay Videos:


Description of the game on Google Play:

Use cooperation with your friends, resonate music with victory! 
“5 to 5 enemies destroy the battle of the team”

● Game scheme 
“War Song” is a MOBA title that SIXJOY develops and manages. Over 20 characters with distinctive roles appear, and you can enjoy a fair battle in real time with up to 5 vs 5. Attacking the opponent on the map, attacking the tower and the tower, eventually destroying the crystal of the opposing team will be a victory. 
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● Characteristics of the game

Fight with your colleagues! “Enemy Team Destruction Team Battle” 
Heroes are the key to efficiently moving the team according to the structure of the map, the placement of friendly enemy facilities and enemy movement. The combination of roles of team members is important and the strategy is also high.

◆ The operation is simple and beginners can take advantage of it 
The movement with virtual pad is smooth and intuitive, UI arrangement, such as the attack button to attack enemies (continuous attack by pressing), etc. button. is optimized for mobile devices, it is possible to play simple and stressful. Beginners of MOBA games can progress in a short time.

◆ Attractive Heroes 
More than 20 types of heroes of various races, such as knights, guardians, magicians and elves, have appeared!Skill also has different performance, such as physical, magic, control type. In addition, various types of avatars are prepared in the hero, and the story back is also enriched.

◆ Take advantage of the role of the hero 
There are six types of roles (players) of tank fighters, assassins, mages, snipers and support in the hero that appears, and it is decided which role to play for each team, in which time that skill must be activated, Multi-battle where the game situation changes every second is incandescent!

◆ Free choice of hero skins 
More than 20 heroes can be made to sort with a variety of attractive skins.

◆ Fusion of fantasy and near future 
The map graphics are real and beautiful, the facilities etc. are designed so that heroes and installations are easy to distinguish. The hero’s ability effect is also flashy and movement is a characteristic that moves smoothly.

◆ 5vs5 Multiplayer Incandescent 
With a comfortable matching system, you can enjoy the battle at maximum 5vs5 at any time! “Free Match” allows you to combine the battle with domestic players quickly.

◆ Various game modes 
With the CPU, you can practice CPU warfare with different degrees of difficulty, training mode that allows you to practice basic gaming operations and simulated warfare etc.

◆ The hero’s Japanese voice is treated by beautiful voice actors 
Heroes of various races, the voice of navigation that conveys the battle situation, contains the Japanese voice that the beautiful voice actors play. The voice is played even when activating skill and attack, exciting the battle! 
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Body of application: free 
※ There are some items loaded.

【Recommended terminal】
Android 4.4 or higher 
※ Excluding some terminals 
* Although you can install even terminals beyond the recommended terminals, we can not do support, compensation, etc. Please be warned.

Not Available WorldWide

War Song has not yet officially released in Brazil, but it is possible to play by downloading the APK or accessing the Japan App Store (iOS). Here’s how to download it right below.

Game Link in the Japan App Store (iOS)

Japan Play Link of Google Play (Android)

Qoo-App game link (use Qoo App to download)

APK link (no need to download app)

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