Vivendi gave up on Ubisoft

Vivendi gave up on Ubisoft

It was an intense battle, but it seems that Gameloft’s sister company has saved itself from Vivendi’s dominions. According to PCgamesInsider, Vivendi will sell the rest of its Ubisoft shares until March 2019.

The French media conglomerate previously seemed poised to take over the giant franchise owner such as Assassin’s Creed and Rayman. But earlier this year, a partnership with Tencent left Ubisoft with the financial volume to fight on an equal footing, and finely told Vivendi to “pick a little coke.”

Vivendi still holds almost 7% in stocks on Ubisoft, which it plans to sell early next year. Valued at about $ 580 million (R $ 2.2 billion), these shares are currently tied up, waiting for the deals to be concluded with two “financial institutions”.

The news should be a relief to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot who fought hard to defend the publisher’s purchase and maintain the company’s independence. Unfortunately, his brother’s company, Michel Guillemot, did not have a happy ending.

Gameloft was the first company to be acquired by Vivendi in 2016 yet, and had plans to do the same with Ubisoft, but saw the situation change after Tencent came into play. At the height of assault, Vivendi has reached 24% of Ubisoft.

Ubisoft has announced plans to buy back or cancel Vivendi’s four million shares earlier this year after it became clear that the potential buyer was not sure what to do with its stake in Ubisoft.

It would be cool if Yves Guillemot, used this weapon called $$ Tencent and repurchases Gameloft. Would not be?

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