Vampire’s Fall: Origins is a free but very difficult RPG

Lately, it’s been a difficult task to find good free and offline games for Android. I’m not talking about silly hobbies, I’m talking about real games. And in this last category that fits very difficult Vampire’s Fall: Origins, title available for Android and iOS.

Just glancing, we imagine a clone of Diablo, but Vampire’s Fall: Origins has its own charm. To start with, we play with vampires.

The game begins with the creation of your character, from the appearance to the lineage. Offspring affect your fighting style and abilities that will appear in the future. They appear in two forms: Blood lines or even “Abilities”

Vampire’s Fall: Origins is a completely 2D game with simple but very well designed graphics. The soundtrack is equally simple, but it fits well with the game’s proposal.

Vampire’s Fall: Origins is a long, content-filled game. Playing offline, I felt no moment need to enable the internet connection. I should have, because the developers of this game, certainly deserve it.

Speaking of the game’s producer, the guys really did something different. There are no lootboxes (“suckers coin” as Izzy Nobre would say) and no energy limiters.

The only limitation of Vampire’s Fall: Origins, for beginners, is precisely the difficulty. The game does not pass the hand in the head of the player as in other RPG. In this game, you will have to turn around to evolve.

Vampire’s Fall: Origins is a root RPG. His only “problem” is the absence of Portuguese subtitles. But otherwise, the game is to be congratulated. Even when playing online, the ads are not intrusive.

Download Link (IPHONE)

Download Link (ANDROID)

Developer: Early Morning Studio 
Advertising: Yes | Offline 
Contains purchases: Yes 
Requires Android 4.1 / iOS 10 
Language: English | Size: 97 MB

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