Utopia Origin: Survival Game has Elements of ARK

Utopia Origin: Survival Game has Elements of ARK

Utopia: Origin is the ideal game for anyone looking for a more colorful, jovial, and most lightweight “Ark”. The game for Android and iOS is only online and has two modes. The first one is a more hardcore mode, with PvP between players, the other is more focused on building and online events.

Utopia: Origin can be played in two ways, first or third person. The beginning of the game reminds you of any other survival game, you will have to collect materials like wood and stones, to craft tools and thus build houses, huts or even castles.

Utopia Origin: Survival Game has Elements of ARK

Much more colorful and lighter than Ark, Utopia is simpler too. However, it is still possible to find the old meters of life, water, hunger, and temperature. The game is light, but it might be that you run with difficulty on devices with 1 GB of RAM (1GB of RAM in 2019 ?).

Currently, the big problem of the game is the servers. They get very far and make us have pings in the range of 300ms. The look of thumbnails is also a problem. That fools a little. Even putting everything to the max, Utopia Origin does not keep up with the graphics suggested by Google Play and the App Store.

The name Utopia is not for nothing. The game focuses on a story in which the characters are going to live on the island of dreams. But giant beasts begin to appear. It is up to the player to join (or not) other players to face such creatures, to grill them, or to use them as a mount.

Utopia Origin: Survival Game has Elements of ARK

The game has two main modes: Chaos and Peace. In Chaos mode, the challenge is bigger and any player can kill you at any time. The mode is reminiscent of more current PC survival games such as Atlas. In the Peace mode, players can not face each other and only fight against the mobs (creatures) on the island.

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Developer: HERO Game

Advertising | Online Game 
Contains built-in shopping: Yes 
Requires Android 4.4 / iOS 8.0 
Language: English | Size: 500 MB

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