URGENT: PUBG Mobile goes banning player using control (Octopus)

URGENT: PUBG Mobile goes banning player using control (Octopus)

One of the most commented issues of the week on PUBG Mobile was the recent “warning” for players using the Octopus application, which maps the screen and lets you play with controls. Tencent has warned them to stop using the app or will be banned permanently from the game.

At first, players are only getting a warning, with a one-day ban. Like what you can see below.

URGENT: PUBG Mobile goes banning player using control (Octopus)

The warning hits squarely who uses the Octopus application not just on smartphones, but on Android-based TVs. If you use the app to play with a Bluetooth control or mouse and keyboard, be aware that you may be banned soon and have your account deleted.

According to Tencent herself, no app or plug-in is allowed that changes the game or changes the way you play. The amekeyboard + and GFX Tool apps have also been blacklisted by Tencent and can be banned.

Remember that Tencent is working on official keyboard and mouse compatibility for PUBG Mobile. So far, this compatibility exists only in the Chinese version. And by checking the option to use a mouse and keyboard on a tablet, for example, the player is relocated to a server where they will only play with those who have a mouse and keyboard as well.

For those who do not want to abandon their Bluetooth control, the alternative is to play other Battle Royals that have native support for controls like Rules of Survival and Knives Out.

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