“Until Dead” Horror Game Released For Mobile Free Download

"Until Dead" Horror Game Released For Mobile Free Download

Last year at BGS (Brazil Game Show), the biggest winner of the Indie Prize – Best Mobile Game was the Until Dead, produced by independent studio Monomyto Game, Campo Grande. This was the first Brazilian title to win the “Indie Prize 2017” of Seattle, whose goal is to highlight developers who demonstrate the great potential in the gaming industry, a fact that has become a great achievement for the studio.

But it was only on Tuesday, 6, that the game won a definitive version, becoming available for Android and iOS with a free download. The narrative of Until Dead features a Detective who tries to reverse the scene of chaos left by a sudden illness that turned people into zombies. The climate is one of terror and the devastating environment, with an atmosphere inspired by noir detective films.

"Until Dead" Horror Game Released For Mobile Free Download

The year is 2022, and the character is about John Mur, presented in third person. He needs to explore crime scenes, collect clues to find out the culprit of everything, while unraveling puzzles. Gradually, the challenges are being unlocked. As you play, realize that the logic of the game comes from board games, with fluid gameplay between shifts. Until Dead has more than five hours of content.

The game requires strategic reasoning to advance the investigations, as it must eliminate the living dead while it may have to avoid them. So Until Dead becomes addictive, needing tactics and reasoning in the face of fighting. check out

Among the differentials of Until Dead are the visual identity, since all art and textures were created manually. In addition, the game provides Creator Mode, which allows players to build new puzzles that can be shared with other users around the world.

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