Top 10 Free Android Games For Week # 35

Top10 Free Android Games For Week # 35

SCUM is one of Twitch’s phenomena. But do we have something similar on Android? Meet survival games that resemble this supergame that requires maximum attention from the player.

To make it clear, there is still no game that copies all the elements of SCUM, so it is so unique. As soon as one comes up, we’ll post on this top. Remember they are ENJOYED games and not a “SCUM Mobile the same”.

If you know any other game in this style, comment!

About SCUM

SCUM is an online multiplayer survival game with gigantic map, exclusive to PC. The initial terrain, where up to 64 players will be able to explore and face each other, is “only” 144 km².

Developed by Gamepires, in partnership with the Croteam study, and published by Devolver Digital, SCUM is an open-world game where the player will not only care about basic elements like eating and drinking. The level of statistics and realism of the game is insane, with the possibility of controlling even the vitamins and metabolism of the character of the player.

In the history of the SCUM game, players will take on the role of prisoners in a maximum security prison. They will participate in a macabre reality show on an island. Remember a Battle Royale? Remember, but SCUM is a gigantic game where you will often spend days (in the game) without seeing a single player.

On the island, in addition to the other competitors, the inmates will need to deal with the fauna, flora hostile elements such as Zombies and Robots of the corporation that organizes the event.

Radiation SAGA

No doubt the Radiation saga (Radiation Island, City and Chernobyl) resemble SCUM. You spend a lot of time “hogging” and facing zombies.

Of the three games, the most similar is Radiation Island, because the elements of hunting are also present. A game full of mysteries on an island with radiation and sinister turrets that need to be turned off.

Download Link on Android (Google Play)

Size: 1 to 2 GB | Language: English | Offline

Mini DAYZ: Zombie Survival

Mini DAYZ for sure is a game that reminds SCUM, because just like in SCUM, much of the gameplay of the original DayZ served as a reference for the creation of the game.

The game consists of surviving on a giant map full of dangers. The player needs to collect all kinds of food and medicines to survive.

The highlight of Mini DAYZ, and what makes it immediate recommendation is the fact that there is no built-in purchase.

Download Link on Android (Google Play)

Size: 44 MB | Language: English | Offline


From the “visual” point of view, one of the games that looks more like SCUM, just like it looks like DayZ is Zombie! This survival game puts the player in an isolated part of the United States.

In addition to the elements of survival, Zumbi has online multiplayer, something much awaited by fans of the game and has arrived in a recent update.

Download Link on Android (Google Play)

Size: 87 MB | Language: English | Online and Offline


Top10 Free Android Games For Week # 35

In 2016 appeared the game VAST that promised much, but that only now begins to take the form that it should have. The survival game follows the SCUM Cascade.

There are no zombies or robots but the multiplayer is cool and with the crafting and loot system, it leaves the game very similar to SCUM.

Download Link on Android (Google Play)

Size: 132 MB | Language: English | Online and Offline

Prison Escape: Island of Survival (Free)

Top10 Free Android Games For Week # 35

Escape from prison in the best Prison Break style. But getting away is just the first step. To survive, the player will have to fight against the elements of nature and against hunger. The game has OK graphics and the focus is on the action.

There is no mega corporation with a SCUM TV show, but you will have to escape the feds if you want to survive in this game.

Download Link on Android (Google Play)

Size: 67 MB | Language: English | Online and Offline

The Sun

The Sun is a mix of DayZ, SCUM and Fallout. Solar radiation this time is the big villain. The world is ending and you have to survive as long as you can.

Unlike SCUM, here you can find several NPCs. Some will help you, others will not. Another difference is the quests system, with a lot to do in the game. But without a doubt, the loot system with the possibility of loading many items is the highlight of The Sun.

The game has two versions, one free for testing and one paid. Both are offline.

Download Link on Android (Google Play)

Size: 67 MB | Language: English | Offline

Day R Survival

Day R Survival is a Post Apocalyptic RPG Released For Mobile

Survival is the main element of Day R Survival. This seemingly offline game puts us in the shoes of a guy surviving a nuclear disaster in the Soviet Union in the 1980s.

All in Portuguese, Day R Survival is an immersive experience as little seen on Android. However, it is worth remembering that the game is more textual.

An interesting move is that you can find items from other players scattered across the map. When they die, the whole loot is left behind.

Day R Survival has two versions, one free and one paid that has no ads. Both are offline!

Download Link on Android (Google Play)

Size: 56 MB | Language: English | Offline

Last Day on Earth: Survival

It could not miss the survival game more known today. Last Day on Earth: Survival came and destroyed the competition as little has been seen. Some titles have even been delayed because of him (I’m talking about you, Durango).

Last Day on Earth: Survival is simply addictive. You are a survivor in a land infested by zombies. Explore the area, discover items to help you survive, build a cabin and do more.

Just like in SCUM you have to be careful with more elements besides a life bar. The player needs to take care of your character to eat well, take a shower, and pee frequently. Unfortunately (it would be funny if he had) still can not give that morning shit.

Download Link on Android (Google Play)

Size: 161 MB | Language: English | Online

Island Light 2

Island Light 2 is a game that resembles SCUM and Radiation Island. The player needs to deal with the fauna (bears and etc) and face zombies as well.

The graphics are in 3D, reasonably beautiful. However, it is necessary to have a powerful apparatus to rotate. As it is not as optimized as Radiation Island and company, a lot of people let this survival game aside.

Download Link on Android (Google Play)

Size: 26 MB | Language: English | Offline

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