Timi Studio’s PUBG Mobile Update Brings EXPERT Mode

PUBG Mobile was Downloaded 34 Million Times in 13 days

PUBG Mobile “Army Attack,” the Timi Studio’s PUBG for Android and iOS, only available in China, won an update this week that added expert mode. The new mode makes the game even more difficult and encourages competition.

For those who do not know, Timi Studio’s PUBG is a version more focused on the competitive landscape and community of players in China. The game already possessed two extra modes (one focusing on quick squad matches and one on quick match). But the new Expert mode is for professionals only.

In this mode, the game disables those audible warnings on the map. As if that were not enough, the sight assist is disabled. Another restriction is in bullets. Guns collected on the ground have no more bullets and need to be reloaded before the first shot.

Timi Studio's PUBG Mobile Update Brings EXPERT Mode

The new Expert mode is available in the third menu option. It is possible to play both solo (solo) and double and squad.

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