There is a “Overwatch for Android” from Tencent in tests in China

Ace Force (王牌 战士) is a first-person shooter game in the style “Hero Shooter” with versions for Android and iOS. The game has many similarities to Overwatch and promises to captivate fans with its anime look. The game is in testing in China and the look is awesome! Check out!

Each hero possesses unique abilities with special destructive blows. The game is only dubbed in Chinese, but only in having the “Tencent” seal on it, already makes clear that the possibility of coming to the West is great.

Requirements to play Ace Force on Android

There is a "Overwatch for Android" from Tencent in tests in China

To run the Ace Force beta on Android, you need to have at least one device with 2GB of RAM and Snapdragon 808 or 615.

The recommended to play with the chart at most is to have at least 4 GB of RAM, Snapdragon 810, 630, 710 or higher.

Recalling that these requirements are to run the beta, which is rolling in China, there is still no forecast of final release.

“Are you going to leave Blizzard?”

For Internet trolls who are fans of “bullshit”, let’s make it clear that Tencent and Activision-Blizzard have a long-term partnership. Tencent owns 12% of Blizzard’s stock.

So before you think of any process, it is good to remember that Tencent is a giant company, and that they may well solve everything with agreements, allowing Ace Force to exist without any kind of problem.

For now, there’s no forecast for a global release on Android and iOS.

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