The Walking Dead: Our World is in the Top 10 in over 40 countries

The Walking Dead: Our World is in the Top 10 in over 40 countries

Despite the difficult start in Brazil, The Walking Dead: Our World is doing very well, thank you. The game is in the top 10 downloads in over 40 countries.

The title hit the milestone on its opening weekend after launching on Google Play and the App Store on July 12. Only a few of the countries where it has reached the top ranks of the charts include the US, Germany, UK, France and Spain.

The Walking Dead: Our World has averaged 37 minutes per game per day, with each player committing seven sessions on a given day.

“A week after the global launch, we are at the beginning of this exciting journey,” said Next Games CEO Teemu Huuhtanen. “In the first week, an average player played seven sessions a day and spent 37 minutes in the game.”

“Players collectively completed 100 million missions and traveled nine million kilometers (5.5 million miles), which is 220 times the Earth’s diameter. The most active cities are New York, Paris, and Tokyo.

“We are also seeing a promising trend at the beginning of monetization, with the average revenue of the first week per daily active user at 0.35 euros, which is a very good result at launch.”

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