The Room: Old Sins is released on iPhone and iPad

The Room: Old Sins , the fourth game of the puzzle franchise and most famous cell phone research, has just hit the iOS. The game costs $ 16.90 and is available for iPhone 5S, iPad Air or higher. You must have at least iOS 10.0 installed.

The Room: Old Sins is a return to the origins of the franchise, with much more puzzle, but without leaving aside the mysteries of the previous titles.

In the history of the game, an ambitious engineer and his wife disappear. In her residence is found only a strange artifact, a peculiar house of dolls. The player can explore several locations to find obscure winks about what happened to the couple.

Ideal for playing with headphones, The Room: Old Sins is an adventure worth every penny. It reminds you a lot of old PC games like Myst.

For now, The Room: Old Sins is only available on iPhone and iPad. according to the producer of the game, Fireproff, the version for Android should come out in the coming weeks.

Game Link in the App Store (iOS)

Developer: Fireproff 
Advertisement: No Game Offline 
Contains purchases built-in: Does not 
require iOS 10.0 
Language: English | Size: 1.1 GB

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