The pixel platformer Reed is finally making its way to iOS and we couldn’t be more excited

Another little bit of pre-order news that slipped under our noses last week is that Reed will be launching on iOS on March 8th for £1.99/$1.99.

Reed is on of those unappreciated indie gems that appeared back on Google Play in 2016. Downloaded hundreds of thousands of times, in this rare case it’s Android-users that’ll tell you how good it is.

Playing as the last creation of a powerful supercomputer, you’ve got to help it to recover its cubes and help save the world from total destruction. Make your way through level after level in this striking pixel platformer, but prepare yourselves – this won’t be a walk in the park.

Reed is currently available for pre-order on the App Store now, or if you’re an Android user and haven’t yet had a crack at it, you can grab it on Google Play for £1.69/$1.99.

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