“The King of Fighters Go” Game is Testing in China

"The King of Fighters Go" Game is Testing in China

Since Pokémon GO was released in 2016, and it drove the world crazy, we were expecting similar games in the years to come. Of all the games suggested so far, the stranger you will see The King of Fighters GO. Strange, but that does not mean he’s not cool.


Get ready to meet the fighting game you’ve loved and known since the arcades era. Iori Yagami, Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui in various places in real life. Each character has their own specific abilities. And all the characters were dubbed by the classic voices of SNK’s old games. Once found, the player can send our own fighters to fight. If you win, you can invite him to live with you (!), Then practice to stand out and fight against others. Make friends or other players along the way.

The King of Fighters GO is in testing in China. The game already has iOS versions on Android in development. All still in Chinese and unpredictable for release in the West.

Developed by GameOne, The King of Fighters GO has official SNK license, 3D graphics and RA support. Check out some pictures of the game.

"The King of Fighters Go" Game is Testing in China

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