The Incredible Similarities between PUBG Mobile and PC

The Incredible Similarities between PUBG Mobile and PC

See the similarities between PlayerUnknown’s PC Battlegrounds and its mobile version, PUBG Battlefield. The mobile version is in testing in China and you can play it by following this tutorial.

PUBG Battlefield is really awesome. The game is not a “similar” game that Tencent and BlueHole have decided to “push” into the public. It is almost identical to the PC version, except, of course, graphical reductions and interfaces help. Check out the similarities between PC and PC’s PUBG in the video below the Techzamazing channel.

Map identical

Many players only care about graphics. But before analyzing this it is important to note that PUBG Battlefield has the same map as the PC version. That’s it! Discounting the graphical reductions in structures and buildings, Battlefield has the same main PC PUBG map, with the same dimensions and locations.

Places like Military Base, Georgopol, Pochenki and many others were faithfully represented in the mobile version.

However, the mobile version still does not have the new desert map Miramar. But it is worth remembering that the mobile game is currently under test and has not yet been released. We may have many surprises in the future.

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In addition to the map, the weapons of PUBG Battlefield are identical to those of the “larger” version. I did not have time to explore the game fully, it may be that some weapons are missing in the mobile version.

However, those who like weapons like UMP9, SCAR-L, M16A4 and the famous Karabiner 98 Kurz (Kar98), will like to know that they are present in the mobile version. The game also has a good set of pistols, shotgun and other weapons. Of course, we could not forget the classic frying pan.


I’m still playing PUBG Battlefield. But already beforehand, I can say that it is very worthwhile. You can see Tencent publisher effort (when ordering two mobile versions). The “heavier” (less compatible) version is almost identical to the PC game with graphics in Very Low / Low.

The difference between the two versions lies mainly in some graphical reductions in structures and buildings, as well as in the interface. In the mobile version, for example, there are several aiming aids (which can be deactivated). However, it is possible to see that the shooting on the cell phone is less precise, as if the hitboxes were bigger.

Just few minutes playing to get the great impression that PUBG Battlefield is yes, an authentic version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Tencent, BlueHole, and Lightspeed Studios are to be congratulated! A great game that we look forward to in the West. Until then, let’s play the game in Chinese!

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