The Galaxy Survivor is the new survival game in No Man’s Sky style

The Galaxy: Survivor is a survival game for Android, which is very reminiscent of No Man’s Sky (PC and consoles). However, in this game, you already start on a planet, and you must develop your camp to survive the local fauna. The game has beautiful graphics and is being developed in the Unity graphics engine.

There are only 75 MB of data to download. The map of the game is only 2 KM and although simple, The Galaxy: Survivor shows a huge potential. The fun begins when we discover that it is possible to travel to up to 5 different planets.

Create your own base and unfold how to survive on all the planets.

Review of The Galaxy: Survivor

Despite the good impression, The Galaxy: Survivor claims to be quite limited. Clearly the game is still in development. Do not delay to be bored.

Still with these problems, The Galaxy: Survivor is a project worth following closely. Because the producers promised a multiplayer soon. The game is on promotion on Google Play for only $ 2.69.

Download Link (ANDROID)

Developer: Invictus Studio 
Advertising: No | Online 
Contains shopping: No 
Android 4.4 
Language: English | Size: 75 MB

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