The Best Maps to Find Raids, Poké-parades and Gyms in Pokémon GO

The Best Maps to Find Raids, Poké-parades and Gyms in Pokémon GO

The maps in Pokémon GO are tremendously important to know the location of the poképaradas, incursions, and gyms that will allow us to find exclusive areas and get that pokémon that we so desire.

Although Pokémon GO has included many novelties in recent times as the new generation of creatures, climatic bonuses and even a revision of the combat system, there is still much to improve in the game’s own map, something that is pushing many users to Search for third-party programs and applications to find the location of creatures or gyms in your immediate vicinity.

Even if you have well located Pokémon GO gyms and raids in your area, perhaps you are letting another area near your house where you get better pokémon. For this, there are map applications for Pokémon Go that show us, wherever we live, some geolocated maps with all the gyms, poképaradas and others with great detail, and that is where you will find the explanation of why other coaches have better creatures than you.

To help you with this, we offer you a list of the best map apps for Pokémon GO, so far all work really well, although there are still few that allows you to see maps of our country.

The best maps to find raids, poképarades, and gyms in Pokémon GO

These maps for Pokémon GO help us to know useful information such as:

  • Under what equipment is each of the gyms and the history of them
  • What pokémon usually appear in the incursions of the area
  • The situation of the poképarades with photographs

While many maps for Pokémon Go have been removed by Niantic, others remain alive and continue to give good results.


It is the simplest but versatile web program at the same time. You can choose locations around the world and see the situation of each of the gyms. However, you can know the gym heads to see their parameters of attack, defense, and movement. This lets you know which creature to use in each of them thanks to those clues, so you already have something gained.

Pokémon GO maps

You can click on each one of the gyms to see the history of each of them with their level of prestige at each moment and under which group they are. The only negative point is that you can only crawl an area every minute since it is a free service and try to prevent servers from collapsing.

Pokémon Go Map

It is another very simple web application that also allows you to know the situation of poképaradas and gyms around the world. The good thing about it is that it offers photos of each of the poképaradas and gyms so you can identify the place when you go there in person. You can look at both a big city and a small town, taking surprises.

Pokémon GO maps

At the moment these are the best map applications for Pokémon Go that are compatible worldwide and are currently active.

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