The Best Game Trailers of the Week

The Best Game Trailers of the Week
The trip father and son of Kratos, the space epic of Stellaris and the fight without quarter of Soul Calibur VI between the videos of the moment.


After a month of logical rest for Christmas, the video game industry returns to put its machinery to top and already gives us in the market several important releases like Monster Hunter: World and Dragon Ball FighterZ released this week. The companies do not waste time and advance part of their most important projects for the coming months, such as God of War. It is time to review what has happened in these last days in five videos.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins – Los Ocultos

Launch Trailer:

Speaking of Assassin’s Creed is talking about traveling to times of great historical relevance, such as the Roman invasion of Ancient Egypt. The game Assassin’s Creed: Origins – Los Ocultos addresses from this January 23 in the form of downloadable content, and as is common in the saga Ubisoft provides users an excellent trailer not exempt from great figures or a staging worthy of praise.

God of War

Argumental Trailer

In the end it will not be ready for Father’s Day in Spain, but not for that reason the adventure will lose an iota of this whole story of father and son. God of War was confirmed this week as one of the great releases for these first measures of the year, arriving on the market on April 24 and offering in this trailer a small glimpse of its depth plot. It was also the moment chosen to reveal the aspect of the dubbing of its main characters.

Soul Calibur

Trailer # 2

The genre of the fight is in luck. During the last months, he has received proposals from the main specialized studios in this role, but if someone expected a relaxation of releases this year it may be forgotten. Soul Calibur VI will bring back to this other emblematic saga, and to go opening Bandai Namco allows to see more footage of the video game presented to several of its characters.

Stellaris: Apocalypse

Argumental Trailer

The launch of the second great Stellaris expansion entitled Stellaris: Apocalypse has already given us one of the best trailers in the space strategy video game. With the present threat of a weapon capable of destroying entire worlds, in the purest style of the Death Star, this video presents the emotional story of a soldier saying goodbye to her son marching towards the battle.


Cinematic Trailer

One of the first surprises of the year has come from the survival genre. Achieve praise among the critics is not easy between productions increasingly abundant and with themes of all types, but Subnautiva has achieved this and in this trailer we can see one of its strengths: the design of its scenarios.

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