The best Android and iOS games of the week

The best Android and iOS games of the week

Shooter, puzzles and cyber action in these games for your mobile.

Once again we bring you the best that the scene of titles designed for iOS and Android systems has left us. A week that has left us several proposals as varied as more than interesting, from the top-down action of Jydge to the explosive shooter gameplay proposed by Let Them Come and the relaxed adventure of puzzles that is called Tako Bubble . Games for all tastes and palates that we leave here.

JydgeDeveloper: 10tons

After letting yourself be wanting in other formats such as Switch or PC, this 10tons production approaches iOS systems. It is a top-of-the-range shooter that is so fashionable lately, an adventure that gives us 20 levels full of action and tremendous intensity.

Without reaching epic difficulty levels, we have a rather demanding title, which is why it is not recommended for less patient users. Fortunately, the control has adapted well and graphically it looks very striking, with an aesthetic and cybernetic atmosphere quite achieved. What happens is that it is a game more carillo, since it is necessary to spend more than five euros to get it.Download it

Let Them ComeDeveloper: Versus Evil

If last week we showed you the benefits of Antihero, the Versus Evil team uncovers this time with another interesting title designed for mobile systems … or, rather, readjusted, since it appeared a while ago for desktop consoles and PC. We talk about Let Them Come, a frantic gallery shooter in which, seated behind a barricade, we must end the innumerable waves of aliens that try to kill us … and the rest of humanity.

It is an action game in which we do not stop shooting even a single moment, being one of the most explosive titles (literally) we remember. We enjoy a good shipment of weapons (dynamite, grenades, etc.) that must be selected properly, especially when it comes time to face the duel against the final bosses. It also has a sensational graphic section, being a highly recommended shooter that has a price of about two euros (depending on the version).

Download it

Tako BubbleDeveloper: Noice 2D Game Studio

In this nice game of free to play puzzles we have to control a curious yellow octopus while trying to get all the bubbles that appear in 2D backgrounds, which usually have a vertical design and more or less convoluted, occupying all the screen.

So that the task is not so simple, for these sets often wander different enemies that we must dodge or eliminate, and for this we must think each of our movements since the development of the game takes place in turns. For this last detail the title vaguely reminds us of what the GO series of Square Enix offers, although this proposal by Noice 2D Game Studio is much simpler and more sympathetic.

Download it

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