Tekken Guides For getting Started with Tekken for Mobile

Tekken Guides and Tips - Everything you need to Build the Strongest Team

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, everyone’s favorite 3D fighter Tekken have finally landed on Android and iOS devices around the world, and we can’t get enough of the Zaibatsu and co.

We’ve got some essential tips to help get you into the game, including how to survive for as long as possible, how to unlock characters, and which modes you should be playing.

Take a look below and it won’t be long until you’re ready to step into the Tekken esports arena!

The basics

Right now Tekken for mobile is pretty strictly a PVE affair, meaning you won’t actually be playing against any other players in real time, but there’s loads of content to get in to.

First off is the story mode, which takes you down branching paths against separate opponents. Clear all of the paths in all difficulties to unlock all you can and gain 100% completion ratings.

There’s also the Dojo mode, where you’ll go against other player’s dojos. This is a seasonal mode with refreshing leaderboards, so come back each season to top the leaderboard for rewards for attack and defense of dojos.

There’s also the Live Events, which we’ll get in to further down. A local VS mode will be added in time, though as of now there’s nothing there.

Earning characters

Of course, the best part of any fighting game is the variety of characters, and here you’ll have to earn your fighters. You’ll need to earn fragments to piece fighters together, meaning it can be quite difficult.

You can get fragments from chests as rewards in the dojo, from Story mode, or of course from the store, with chests purchasable with gems and cash. If you play plenty of the single-player content, you’ll easily earn enough in time to get a few.

The final way to earn fighters and fragments is Live Events…

Live Events

Live events are, as you probably can already imagine, timed events where you can earn a selection of nice gear and items, with sometimes rewards being just a new fighter, no qualms.

Be cautious about the star level of the enemies you fight though, you will easily get overwhelmed by any enemies two stars higher than yourself, and even a one-star gap can cause problems.

Keep checking back on the live events for new rewards, but just know your limits otherwise you’ll be suffering downs and HP damage for no reward.

Waza cards

The Waza cards are the way you can access the more complex Tekken moves mid-fight. The four button fighter has been simplified a bit for touchscreen use.

Waza cards will come from a deck you can, and should, customize, and include launchers, guard breaks and heavy moves that will come in handy in battle.

You’ll get extra points in the battle for Waza Rushes, which are triggered by using multiple Waza cards in a single combo for big damage.

The strength to fight on

It’s a free to play the game, so something has to be holding you back from playing constantly for free, right? Right! And that restriction is health and stamina – though that doesn’t mean you’ll be prevented from playing for long.

HP damage is carried over after games and heals slowly over time, or you can use health items. When KO’d, your character will be inactive for 30 minutes, unless you have a revive item.

This does mean, however, that smart play will keep you in the game for a long time. Hold the left side of the screen to block, and sensibly stack your Waza deck with guard breaks and launchers to do big damage whenever you have the chance.

Playing smart can keep you alive for the game after game for hours on end, and can even help you topple high-level CPUs with low-level characters if you’re skilled and determined enough.

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