Tekken Guides and Tips – Everything you need to Build the Strongest Team

Tekken Guides and Tips - Everything you need to Build the Strongest Team

Upgrade those characters and master that Dojo!

So you’ve just jumped into Tekken on iOS and Android, but now you need to figure out how to power up your characters? Well, buckle up, because we’ve got some hot tips just for you.

Tekken on mobile might not be esports ready, but there are loads of things you can do in the game to make your team so strong that other players will be convinced that you’re a pro gamer.

So read on for all of the information you need on making the strongest team in Tekken.

Stars matter

Unfortunately, no matter what you do to your character, you can’t avoid the fact that the amount of stars they have mattered, and it matters a lot. This means that unfortunately your one star Kazuya really isn’t going to be that useful in the end, no matter what you do.

Of course, do what you can with the most powerful members of your team while you can, but don’t bother spending materials leveling up one-star characters when a two or three star is just around the corner.

Crystal power

The material you’ll be using to level characters up is crystals, and there’s a different crystal type for each character element.

Fire crystals, water crystals and more will be used to level up characters, each level giving characters a new skill point and a permanent upgrade to their strength.

Upgrading your best characters is a valuable practice, as those skill points will come in handy…

Super skilled

So after each level you raise your characters by you’ll get a skill point, and one star characters can have three different skills, with two stars getting six skills, three stars getting nine skills, and four stars getting twelve skills.

Though you might not want that many skills, as the offensive skills that increase your attack are far more useful than the other, unless you’re building a character specifically to be used in the Dojo mode, where Dojo-specific skills will help.

Upgrade the offensive skills you feel you’re most likely to make use of – they’re all passive anyway, so no matter what you pick it’ll still make you stronger.

Stacked deck

The Waza deck is going to be the place where you find so many of the essential moves you’ll need to topple opponents, and the cards you have in the deck should be as strong as possible.

Guard breaks are going to help a lot to smash through defensive opponents, and launchers can start an aerial combo, where short double taps can keep the opponent in a juggle state for extra damage.

Waza cards are very useful, and there’s never a battle where you shouldn’t use them. You can combo guard breaks, launchers and other Waza cards together for high damage Waza Rush combos.

Strength in numbers

Of course if you do get taken down even with your strong team, the only thing to do is try again, and if you’re main team is KO’d, well, it’s time for the B team.

Having loads of characters isn’t great if they’re a bit useless, but you can use them to go through alternate paths in Story mode or gain other materials for the main cast while they’re out of commission.

Or you could use your back up squad for tough challenges, though we’re not sure that’s a great idea…

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