Teen Titans GO Figure: Young Titans’ PC, Android and iOS – Free Download

Teen Titans GO Figure: Young Titans' PC, Android and iOS - Free Download

Finally came to Android and iOS Teen Titans GO Figure, the sequel to Teeny Titans, a fun action adventure game that features a lot of humor and DC comic characters. But different from the first game, the new is not 100% premium. Teen Titans GO Figure is $ 14.99.

In Brazil, the game was named “The Young Titans in Pictures”, and to avoid confusion, Robin makes a “2” or “victory” sign on the game icon.

Teen Titans GO Figure does not have a great evolution in relation to the first game in the graphical aspect. What happened was an expansion of the game world. Now, in addition to Jump City, the player can explore the cities of Metropolis and Gotham.

How is the game The Young Titans in Figures

The game’s layout remains the same. Join in battles with DC character figures. This time you will have a lot of work, as you will have to participate in competitions in 3 different cities.

Teen Titans GO Figure: Young Titans' PC, Android and iOS - Free Download

The fighting is in shifts. The player assembles a team of 3 figures, but can collect as many as he wants. The battles are very well done, always with an ending linking with the plot of the game.

While Teen Titans (the first game) had a bigger focus on the Young Titans, and one or other reference to classic characters, Teen Titans GO Figure has emblematic places to visit such as the “Hall of Justice” and the “BatCaverna”.

A very fun adventure

All in Portuguese, full of humor and with many references. There is no way to play Teen Titans GO Figure and not smile in no time. A game full of charm, relaxed and unpretentious to be the best game in the world.

Teen Titans GO Figure fulfills with praise the function of leaving you addicted to the game, without forcing you to spend a fortune. However, you have to be aware there are some inbuilt purchases that stimulate spending like buying figures directly.

Although it is a game focused on the children’s audience, there are a ton of very old and obscure references, ranging from the “Super-Friends” cartoon of the 70’s to the Batman series of the 60’s.

Download Link on iPhone and iPad

Download Link on Android

Developer: Cartoon Network 
Publicity: Yes | Game Offline 
Contains purchases built in: Yes 
Requires Android 4.1 / iOS 10.0 
Language: English | Size: 1.5 GB

Teen Titans GO Figure: Young Titans' PC, Android and iOS - Free Download

Steps To Download On PC Or Mac:

Use/Play the app directly on your PC or Mac. Just choose any of your favourite emulator from below links.Use your phone as a remote control when playing games. Run all your favourite apps on your desktop ( WhatsApp, FaceApp, Netflix etc).Seamless transition of apps from PC to mobile device without the hassle of wireline or wireless connection. play bigger and Play More:

Download: Google Play Link

Download: Bluestacks Emulator

Download: Andy Emulator

Download: iPadian ( For iOS Apps )

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