Tecnosh plays PUBG Mobile and gets 31 “kills” in a match

The streamer and professional player of PUBG, Joseph “Tecnosh” Touma played the Mobile version via emulator, while the PC game was under maintenance. The result was a video beyond humorous, where Tecnosh comments on the difference between the two games and makes incredible plays. Check out!

Tecnosh was playing via the Tencent Games emulator. For those who do not know, this is the official emulator of the producer and it restricts the “matchmaking”, allowing only players with PC to face.

Among the main differences, Tecnosh commented that “PUBG Mobile is cleaner, easier to find the guys”. He also commented on the controversy of the bots (which we all know exists and we will make a special post on how to identify them).

Tecnosh also commented on “how easy it is to control the recoil”, the recoil of the gun when firing. Although it is playing the version of the emulator, with keyboard and mouse. This recoil is easy to be mastered also on mobile phones, all you have to do is adjust the sensitivity of the controls and slide your finger down while firing.

Even for a beginner in the game, where the first matches have lots of bots, it is impressive the result that streamer got. There were 31 kills in a solo game. There were people who criticized, but Tecnosh recalled that early in the match he killed a player with RP level 70.

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