TapTap is suspended from its activities in China! Understand the “trick”!

TapTap is suspended from its activities in China! Understand the "trick"!

Those who like to download the TapTap website and application, should have noticed that it is no longer possible to download anything else on the site. According to the site PocketGamer.Biz, the service was disabled for three months and penalized by the Chinese government for stimulating the download of foreign games in that country.

No, the site has not been fined for piracy. In China, there are hard laws about downloading content not approved by the government (even if free). Games, even free ones, need to fit in order to represent the moral values of that country’s regime.

A good example is PUBG Mobile, which had to have its content adapted. In the Chinese version, the “plot” says that everything is just training to defend the border.

It turns out that TapTap distributed foreign games in China without any kind agreement with the Chinese government.

Government repression

TapTap is suspended from its activities in China! Understand the "trick"!

It has been reported in local media that the Chinese government is stifling those who break the rules of the online gaming market.

As part of this, TapTap was found guilty of providing downloads and promoting a large number of foreign games that were not approved by the Chinese government.

It has been alleged that such applications include those crimes of complicity, which promote violence, pornography, gore content and other illegal content. Affected games include Iron Blade, Gangstar Vegas and Zombie Anarchy .

The seemingly large amount of previously unauthorized posting activity, and the number of applications that broke the rules, led to a $ 50,000 dollar fine and suspension for three months.

In a post on its own website , TapTap admitted to violating the procedures for downloading and screening unauthorized foreign games in China.

“Dear developers and players, we regret to inform you that TapTap has violated China’s laws and regulations regarding game publishing, providing unapproved foreign game downloads. He has now received a government penalty notice: “Stop online gaming operations for a month. “. During this period, all the network download services of the TapTap game will be suspended. “, Said the statement.

Generalized thrash

TapTap is suspended from its activities in China! Understand the "trick"!

TapTap is not the only company to be prosecuted by the Chinese government. Tencent, Xiaomi, 360, IM30 and others have received fines and or warnings about their behavior.

Tencent was fined after it was judged that it was posting content that featured violent, pornographic, gambling and even “terrorist” activities after a partnership with a video company called YinJun.

Producer MOKI was fined for violating social morale and providing prohibited content in her online game Schoolgirl Sweetheart Dream Factory, which allowed users to make naked characters.

Publisher ChineseAll also got into trouble with his RPG Cang Lan Jing Jie, who showed a lot of nudity. The publisher IM30, in turn, received a fine for its online games Last Empire – War Z and Zombie Battle, that promised much violence.

With repression, it is clear that the Chinese market for online games and mobile, although very lucrative, is full of bullshit. Developers need to be very careful in allowing their apps and games to be made available in that country.

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