Super Saiyan Goku: Dragon Ball Z Game Succeeds in APK Pure

Super Saiyan Goku: Dragon Ball Z Game Succeeds in APK Pure

Since Dragon Ball FighterZ was released for consoles and PC, the gallery that has no way to play the game goes crazy behind a similar title on Android. Thinking about it, many developers create similar experiences on cell phones.

But unfortunately, there’s nothing close to Ark System Works’ hit game. Maybe the closest we have to this is Super Saiyan Goku: Dragon Z Fighter.

The game is only available on APK Pure, because it was already banned once it appeared on Google Play. But you can still download the APK and play.

This fan game is free to download and play and completely offline. He draws attention by owning some very interesting fighting game mechanics like combos and special scams.

Although it does not have the Dragon Ball Super characters (except Bill), the game captivated the attention of the players and, in a few days, is already the most searched APK in the APK Pure site.

The battles are intense and full of special blows. The controls are simple and allow anyone to try a Kamehameha.

On the other hand, it is sad to see Bandai Namco’s neglect on the mobile platform, in the Dragon Ball Super aspect. The anime ends soon and there is a unique interesting game to enjoy the hype. Not even the success of Dragon Ball FighterZ was tapped on the mobile platform.

There is no point in cheering on Super Saiyan Goku as we know it’s a short-lived project that was created just to take advantage of the fame of Dragon Ball games. Want a better experience? Maybe it’s best to start with emulators.

Link to Download APK

Developer: VCOMPANY 
Advertising: Yes | Free Game 
Contains built-in shopping: No 
Requires Android 4.1 
Language: English | Size: 86 MB

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