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Super Monkey Ball: Sakura Edition is a puzzle developed and published by the historical Sega Publisher. Since 2017 through the SEGA FOREVER program, the Japanese developer has brought great titles and popular franchises on the consoles for mobile devices.

This time, she brings a casual game in which her goal is to roll the scenery inside a ball with her friendly primate friends. AiAi, MeeMee, Baby, and GonGon are the pilots of these rolling bubbles that are their vehicle in the game.

Starting the macaques

Super Monkey Ball: Sakura Edition is a port of a game very popular in arcades and consoles to times. A move puzzle for up to four players in which the player’s motor skill and coordination will be tested.

The movement of the characters is due to the inclination of the mobile device. So the sphere in which our adorable little monkeys are moving through the more than 100 game scenarios. There are also 3 minigames: bowling, golf, and shooting.


Super Monkey Ball: Sakura Edition is a mobile puzzle that is based on moving the device to control the characters. There used to be toyed with the same dynamics of carrying marbles through labyrinths until they were brought to a target; because this simple proposal is brought to a game with characters very charismatic and fun.

The gameplay of Super Monkey Ball: Sakura Edition is very simple and does not generate much difficulty in the adaptation. Only depending on the position in which you are holding the device can feel a certain bad visibility by having to tilt the screen.

The scenarios and characters bring all the colors and details of the franchise and make the whole plot much more attractive than the proposal of the game itself. In its free version, the app counts on numerous advertisements, which can annoy a little.

Super Monkey Ball: Sakura Edition is a good game within its proposal, but for being a bit of a great producer was to expect more of this project. Their modes of play and development are a bit bland. Even the minigames are uninteresting and they do not make good use of the controls, having different interactions.

Sega could present more than the options contained in Super Monkey Ball: Sakura Edition. Unfortunately, the game does not approach both the versions of the same to other platforms if showing very limited.

Steps To Download Super Monkey Ball: Sakura Edition On PC Or Mac:

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