Steam Storm: New 5v5 Android game with visual “Steam Punk”

Steam Storm: New 5v5 Android game with visual "Steam Punk"

Steam Storm (蒸汽 风暴) is a mobile game where you can choose from up to five fighters. Each hero will have a unique and different Steampunk style. The game is under test in China with versions for Android and iOS.

It may seem, but this is not a MOBA (at least not a traditional one). The battles are 5v5 on a very complicated map. There are several zones divided into A, B and C. Players need to eliminate the rival team to dominate the zones.

The commands are simple and straightforward. The basics of any MOBA. Command your characters with the analog left side and attack with the buttons on the right side of the screen.

Steam Storm has one of the most beautiful looks you’ll find in a top-down game (from above). The graphics are impressive, but it is worth remembering that you must have a good device to run the game with these graphics.

Steam Storm is still in testing in China, the game has no forecast to launch to the West. The game can be found in the Tap Tap application.

Source: gameworld

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