Spotify Cuts Off the Chat with All Non-Official Customers

Spotify is talking to customers not to use unofficial customers by sending an email to everyone they use and a DMCA to services hosting them, including Uptodown.

The Spotify tickets are based mainly on the subscription of their Premium mode rather than the publicity of its free version. This is the main reason why the company recently decided to eradicate any traces of alternative customers who illegally offered paid version features or even a few more that allowed music downloads. Without going any further, we at Uptodown have received a DMCA so that we can eliminate some of these versions.

Spotify: Musik und Podcasts
Spotify: Musik und Podcasts
Developer: Spotify AB.
Price: Free

Sites like XDA Developers and Github had to withdraw alternative customers like Spotify Dogfood. In our case, we had to remove a modified version of the client that allowed us to use the tablet client interface on any smartphone. So on the user side, there are also things to mention, since those who are using accounts on alternate clients have received a warning email requesting the uninstallation of the backup application and the installation of the official.

Spotify Cuts Off the Chat with All Non-Official Customers

Special mention to the final warning: If we keep using these clients repeatedly, it is possible that our Spotify account will be permanently closed. This does not stop us from using applications that make use of the API in an external way like SpotOn, which allows us to use our playlists as an alarm clock. There are other equally legal ways to enjoy Spotify’s catalog, such as the official Stations app, focused on listening to thematic radios.

Spotify Stations: Streaming music radio stations
Spotify Stations: Streaming music radio stations

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