Snowboard Trickery Coming to the App Store with ‘Peak Rider’ Releasing February 28th

Battery Acid Games are preparing a return to the world of the App Store for the first time since their previous release Baller Legends [Free] back in August of 2015. This new game is called Peak Rider and it could be considered a spinoff of sorts to their popular 2012 motorcycle racer Highway Rider [Free], except of course in this instance you’ll be blazing down snowy paths rather than harsh pavement. The premise is pretty simple: Make your way down Peak Mountain, “one of the most remote mountains in the world” as you find perfect lines to gain speed and launch off of jumps where you’ll pull off as many crazy stunts as you can while in the air. Of course, you’ll need to avoid smashing into rocks or trees along the way, otherwise, your run will come to a quick and painful end. Check out a couple of brief glimpses of Peak Rider in action.

Customization will be a big part of the Peak Rider experience, with 6 different types of riders that can be kitted out with more than 30 types of outfits and accessories as well as 30 different types of snowboards each with unique handling and trick combos. The mountain terrain is procedurally generated so it’ll be a different experience each time you play, and there are 4 different game modes to master: Arcade, Flags, Stunts, and Multiplayer. Oh, and just in case you’re wondering Peak Rider has been designed with tilt controls by default but there will be an option for touch controls as well. It looks like a lot of fun and with the Winter Olympics wrapping up right around the game’s launch it’ll be a nice way to extend your snowboarding activities (at least digitally) when Peak Rider hits the iOS App Store on February 28th for free.

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