Sharpshooter Control Adds L1 and R1 to your Smartphone

The L1R1 Sharpshooter is a control that does exactly what you are seeing in the image. It simply adds the L1 and R1 buttons to your smartphone. It is ideal for shooting games (FPS), and makes the player walk, aim and shoot at the same time.

The L1R1 Sharpshooter control is based on a very popular technique among professional FPS players on mobile phones. The technique of the three or four fingers . However, this technique offers no tactile feedback. In other words, it takes a lot of training to get good at it.

But with the L1R1 Sharpshooter it’s easy. The player has the answer on time. You can even buy just the L or the R. But for the offered price of $ 9.99 or $ 16.99 it does not pay to buy just one.

The cool part of the Sharpshooter L1R1 is that it is very compact. It occupies zero space in the backpack and does not bother in the pocket. You can only use it at the time of play.

Another interesting thing is that this “control” works independently of the system. However, I believe that in some cell phones with a curved screen, it can be bad to dock.

The annoying part is that this control is not sold in Brazil. You can import, but the freight even makes the little controls a bit more expensive. The price is US $ 16.90 (something around R $ 55 reais).

Sharpshooter Control Adds L1 and R1 to your Smartphone

Sharpshooter Control Adds L1 and R1 to your Smartphone

How does the  L1R1 Sharpshooter work?

The Sharpshooter L1R1 is just a piece of plastic with a mechanism that touches the screen as soon as you press the button at the top. It does not need any connection or pairing.

I found the idea very interesting. This will greatly improve the gameplay in FPS. The controller creator says it was made for Battle Royale games (Rules of Survival, PUBG, Knives Out and etc.), but the L1R1 Sharpshooter works on any FPS mobile where you can reposition the shooting and target icons.

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  1. I would like to ask if you cam give me a discount if i purchased about pcs of this. I want to buy for my team. Like 10 to 1 dozen. Give me discount please. Low price please.

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