Shadow Blade and More: Paid Games for Free Download on Android & iOS

We come to the weekend with the holiday, and of course, many games on sale. Check out paid games that are free and download them to add to your Android library. This week’s highlight is Shadow Blade from Crescent Moon Games.

Shadow Blade

The paid version of Shadow Blade is for free for a limited time on Android. A 2D platform game, but with 3D graphics. The challenge is exceptional in a game that delivers gameplay that resembles classics from the old video games. There is the free version, but the paid version has no ads.

Download Link on Google Play

Size: 132 MB | Language: English | Offline

Noble Vip

Noble Vip is the paid, ad-free version of a dungeon crawler RPG game. The game is very simple and bet on the visual with cute characters. But he exaggerates in static images. Could have a little more excitement.

Download Link on Google Play

Size: 98 MB | Language: English | Offline

Tap Tap Fist

In this crazy game, the player controls (or almost) an internet meme. He will fight with all his might to defeat expensive Lolita dresses, among other things. This is such a “nothing to see” game that even has a button to automate the touch … what? It seems interesting, but it takes a long time to see new enemies and to customize the character with funny and nonsense images.

Download Link on Google Play

Size: 23 MB | Language: English | Offline

God of Battle

Game of the same genre as God of Battle, but instead of cute characters, you will battle against warriors and demons. The arts are beautiful, but it’s another DAERISOFT game that looks more like a hobby.

Download Link on Google Play

Size: 41 MB | Language: English | Offline

Hill Legend

Hill Legend

A horror game with 3D graphics. Underneath a school, there is an underpass, but it seems that the place is haunted.

Download Link on Google Play

Size: 155 MB | Language: English | Offline


An airplane game where you control a hunt. 3D graphics are simple and the game looks experimental. But you can pass the time.

Download Link on Google Play

Size: 59 MB | Language: English | Offline

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