Sequence of “The Mini Titans” is Expected in July On Android and iOS

It’s been quite a while since we know Cartoon Network is planning a sequel to The Teen TitansAndroid and iOS game.

Strangely, the game will have a name that closely resembles that of the first game: Teen Titans Go Figure! In order not to make things too confusing, it will be possible to see Teeny Titans 2 somewhere. Check out the trailer.

According to the Pocket Gamer website there is not a certain date for the release of the game, but most likely the game arrives on July 27.

The game combines RPG styles with turn-based combat. The player needs to collect figures and use them to duel with other characters. The game is full of references to the universe of DC as Justice League and more.

During the video, you can see some numbers referring to coins within the game. So you are not 100% certain that the game will be paid, like the previous one.

The only certain thing is that the game aims to repeat the success formula of the first game. A lot of humor, references and fun tournaments. And all in Portuguese!

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