See the 20 finale games of the Google Play Indie Contest

See the 20 finale games of the Google Play Indie Contest

Google is hosting an Indie Game Contest to select the best games of its kind in their store. Just below, you check the 20 finalists.

  1. The Planet of Mine
  2. Bridge Constructor Portal
  3. Bury Me, My Love
  4. Captain Tom Galactic Traveler
  5. Core
  6. Fern Flower
  7. Flat Pack
  8. I Love Hue
  9. Jodeo
  10. Kami 2
  11. Kenshō
  12. No More Buttons
  13. Old Man’s Journey
  14. Radium 2 | Ra²
  15. The Big Journey
  16. The House of Da Vinci
  17. The Office Quest
  18. Unbalance
  19. Undervault
  20. Yellow

The winners will be selected by a panel of industry experts at the event in London, UK. The event will be held at Saatchi Gallery on February 13.

The finalists automatically win a trip to London to take part in the final as well as special promotions on Google Play. After that, the 10 winners will receive good marketing support, and will be featured in the app and gaming store.

They are games well off the radar and that idea of freemium “hobby”. For starters, all games are paid and focused on offers innovative and unusual gameplay.

Source: DroidGamers

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