Saiyan Arena Online was a Cool Game

Saiyan Arena Online is a fangame developed for Android. The game uses an engine very used to make “anime arena games”. The problem is that Saiyan Arena was a good match. But it is full of hackers and modders.

It’s not exactly a problem, after all, Saiyan Arena Online is in beta. But it sucks to get into the game and die in 0.2 seconds. That’s right, Saiyan Arena Online is full of ultra-powerful characters who kill you with a blow. Often, the energy balls are already on the scene, flying, and you die before you even move.

Saiyan Arena Online came to be posted on Google Play, but for obvious reasons, has been removed. There are rumors that the game will stay anyway and that the developer has no more interest in the title. A feather.

Android Game Link (APK)

Developer: Mercury Games – Indie Game Development 
Advertisement: Yes | Online Game 
Contains built-in shopping: Yes 
Requires Android 2.3 
Language: English | Size: 30 MB

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