Rules of Survival Tips and Tricks – Everything you need to know about being a zombie

Rules of Survival Tips and Tricks - Everything you need to know about being a zombie

Claw enemies as one of the undead in Rules of Survival’s zombie mode.

Rules of Survival continues to give us all we need from a battle royale game on mobile. Heavily modeled after PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Rules of Survival will have players duking it out to be the last on an island.

It has something PUBG lacks though, and that’s a comprehensive Zombie mode. Here you can jump into the shoes of one of the undead, and in this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to fit right in with the Thriller music video cast.

Just take a look below and you’ll find everything you need to know about playing as a zombie in Rules of Survival!

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Jump to victory

As a zombie you’re sadly not going to be able to shoot anyone. A crime, a tragedy, I know! It also means you’re going to have to get very close to people in order to use your claws to land a killing blow.

Luckily, you get an excellent jumping skill instead, one which people will find hard to hit with gunfire. You’ll easily be able to jump on to rooftops and avoid gunfire while jumping about the place.

When in combat this should basically be your main tool, jump towards and even behind your opponent, before swiping with your claws.

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Heat vision

The zombies have yet another useful advantage, which is heat vision. It takes a minute to cool down after using, but it will highlight everyone in your vicinity, guns or no, making the hunt way easier.

If you jump on to rooftops or hide yourself away somewhere, or you just can’t find the specific place and enemy is hiding, heat vision will guide you to your destination.

Just be sure not to waste it by using it out in the open where you know there’ll be no enemies around!

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No friends here

You might be a zombie, but that doesn’t mean the other zombies are your pals. In fact, don’t trust a single one of them.

Your objective in this mode is still to be the last one alive, so slay your zombie foes with the same reckoning that you would any other character you find.

Their jump can make this difficult, but you have one yourself, so time your swipes right and you’ll be able to slay them.

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Zombies can drive too

Well, running all of the time is difficult, even for a zombie. After all, it’s much easier to hop on a motorbike or jump in a car.

That also means that the same rules still apply if you should see a car drive past, although shooting it isn’t really an option…

Best choice is to follow them, but if that doesn’t work you can always crash into them with a vehicle of you own, though this certainly isn’t the best option…

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You activated my trap

A nice thing about zombies is that you know where they’re gonna come from. If a zombie is chasing you, you know they’re not gonna stop just because you turn a corner.

If you run into a building they won’t be able to jump so easily anymore, making swipes much easier. Also if you jump on a roof, you know they’re likely to follow, so you can just turn around and start clawing at them.

Zombies are dumb, right? Right! So take advantage of it!

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