Rules of Survival Tips and Guides for Winning with Teamwork

Rules of Survival Tips and Tricks - Everything you need to know about being a zombie

Rules of Survival is a harsh place, but with a team, it’s much more manageable.

Here we’ve put together a bit of advice for those looking to jump into Rules of Survival in a squad, hopefully, they’ll lead your team through the battleground and towards that win.

Take care out there, and keep your head down!

Safety in numbers

As soon as you see a member of your team jump from the plane at the start, follow them. There’s no sense in being in a team if you’re on the other side of the map.

Take it slow and move as a group, search buildings together and make sure to keep an eye on the horizon and listen for gunshots.

Having someone back you up is an obvious advantage in a firefight.

Sharing is caring

In single player it’s a rule of first-come, first-served. Whomever finds the weapons, keeps the weapons, but with a team you need to be more flexible.

If a team member has no weapons, share the one you’re not using so much. In a firefight, if they can’t fire, it’s going to be a tough fight.

This goes for ammo and other reserves too – if they die, you can take it all back anyway.

No one gets left behind

If you become aware a team mate falling, go back for them. If there’s a chance of survival, it’s worth it.

This rule is especially important in the early game, where players are using their fists and aren’t prepared to land killing blows.

If you come in with a gun, it’s a quick win, and you can save your partner.

Travel games

Moving as a group includes in vehicles, too! You might not be able to pair up on a bike, but cars often allow for a team of four to travel.

Pick a reliable driver, and those with automatic weapons in passenger seats to they can shoot at straggling enemies in exciting drive-bys.

To the death

Stick with your team to the end of the game, even if you die early. It’s worth seeing how the game turns out.

Along the way you can take a few tips from your team’s more successful players, and your team just might end up winning that chicken dinner.

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