Rules of Survival Guide for Hunting players and Surviving the Fire Fight

Rules of Survival Tips and Tricks - Everything you need to know about being a zombie

Rules of Survival is a tough game for new players, but with our advice, you’ll be coming out on top.

Similar to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, you’ll be dropped onto an island, and tasked with scavenging for weapons, gear, and other players to fight.

Gearing up is an important part of the game, but even more important than that is surviving. We’ve got some survival tips here that’ll help you win the day.

Ironclad defence

Some of the most important equipment you can pick up aren’t actually weapons, but instead they’re pieces of armour.

Helmets, body armour and backpacks are easily the most useful bits ofequipment you’ll find, mainly because they ensure you can go to war against other players and not die instantly.

Health packs are also great, so make sure to use them after facing off in fire fights against other players.

The hills have eyes

Danger is around pretty much every corner in Rules of Survival, and running about in the open is rarely a good idea.

Players can be hiding out with sniper rifles on hillsides, which makes running around openly dangerous – but that means you can hide out, too.

If you find a scope for an assault rifle or sniper rifle, it might be a good idea to hide out in some tall grass and practice some patience.

King of the castle

If it’s coming down between you and another player, being out in the open isn’t going to help. Instead, hiding out in buildings can be very useful.

Hide out in a building with plenty of windows looking out around your surroundings – keep an eye out and listen for engines or footsteps, so you are well aware when enemy players are trying to sneak up on you.

Conversely, if you know someone is hiding out in a building, you can ambush them by throwing a grenade through the window and storming the front door. Or the back door.

Prone position

If you go prove while in the tall grass, you quite quickly go fairly invisible. You’ll be tough to see to players hiding or walking towards you from a distance, anyway.

If you get shot at, or hear some bullets in the distance you should hit the deck, go prone, and then deduce where your foe is before hunting them down.

At the top of the screen, you’ll see a little orange icon pop up on your compass whenever someone else shoots. Use the icon to figure out their location and fire back.

The stakeout

If you’re not the type to storm buildings all guns blazing, staking the place out is also a good idea, but you don’t need to restrict yourself to buildings.

Sometimes supplies might drop from parachutes, and although you’re likely to find some good gear, even better is just watching them from a distance, waiting for enemy players to approach.

Once they get close, assuming you’re well hidden, you can easily pick them off. If you have a silencer and a scope, this will be so easy it’ll feel like cheating.

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