Root your Android Device in Seconds with KingRoot

There are many methods (and reasons) for rooting our Android device, although not all are within the reach of the average user as demonstrated by the long tutorials we can find in the XDA-Developers forums. Towelroot was one of the applications preferred to make root since its operation was limited to touching a button and wait a few seconds. The Chinese utility Kingroot follows this line, offering us a simple and fully automated process compatible with a large number of devices, with the encouragement that after upgrading to version 4.0 it is even possible to roam Android Lollipop.

Things to take into account

The most important thing we do not tire of repeating: if you are going to roboze your device, be sure what it consists of and what advantages (and disadvantages) it may have. It’s great to be able to install custom roms, access Android updates much earlier, or have access to tools that require superuser permission, but if you have any questions, it’s best not to continue with the process. Each smartphone is a world , and recovery systems differ from one model to another, not to mention the remote (but still existent) possibility that the process halts and we have to perform a factory restore, so have a backup of your information.

Root your Android Device in Seconds with KingRoot

As for the functionality, at first it is able to rootear almost any version of Android. According to the site he can from 2.X to 5.0 . Regarding the supported models, it is very difficult to make a specific list, since taking a look on the internet you find users with the same smartphone and different results. Fortunately, the tool itself will be in charge of informing us of the efficiency of the process before realizing it as we will see below.

How does Kingroot work?

Kingroot is an application that takes advantage of vulnerabilities in Android to apply root, so many antivirus can consider it as malware in the same way as as keygen or patcher, with the difference that rooting our device is completely legal. So when we try to install APK, the system will warn us that it is a dangerous application, even though its practical effects are not . Install anyway.

Once installed, we will see a Chinese screen where we will be offered valuable information to proceed with the root. These are the data.

  • (Bottom left) A note about three stars with the estimated percentage success rate for root on our Android model.
  • (Down in center) The estimated time that will take the process in minutes and seconds.
  • (Bottom right) The number of times that devices with the Android version and the device that is running the application have been successfully routed.
  • (Below all) A blue button that when started touches the root process.

In the next screen we will see a percentage of the progress that indicates the state of the root. At the bottom a phrase warns us that it is normal for the device to be restarted.

Root your Android Device in Seconds with KingRoot

After installation

The best method to check if we perform the process correctly is to install the Root Checker application , which will check if our device is already root. On the other hand, it is more than advisable to install a permissions administration tool like SuperSU that will allow us to limit the access that services and external tools ask to work, since although the installation of the KingUser permissions control is already installed automatically, in Chinese, literally. Given now we will be more ‘unprotected’, it is nice to have the application installed for when some other application tries to do something strange with the permissions.

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