Ronen Statue Of Modern Combat Versus Is On Sale

Ronen Statue Of Modern Combat Versus Is On Sale

Prime 1 Studio is building a Ronen character statue of Modern Combat Versus (Android, iOS and Windows 10). The large swordsman in “Samurai” style clothing can be found at the “simple” price of $ 999 dollars (around $ 3,600).

Description of the piece:

Prime 1 Studio is proud to introduce the PMMCV-01: Ronen of Modern Combat Versus: the new Multiplayer Online FPS. Enjoy the action-packed gameplay that sets a new age for shooting games on mobile devices. Ronen is a vital member of any team. His concentrated but calm demeanor makes him the eye of the storm during heated battles. Equipped with a skill that allows him to deflect fire for a limited time, he will be in front of his vanguard as an impenetrable shield as you begin his attack. With an unwavering code of honor, when Ronen says he will do something, you can be sure it will be fulfilled. The new online multiplayer FPS games are available on all mobile platforms. Download and try it now!


Approximately 22.6 inches [(H) 57.5 cm (W) 42 cm (D) 38 cm] 
One (1) interchangeable right arm holding the Katana 
One (1) exclusive portrait alternative only for the Exclusive 
One version (1) MCVS illustrations artwork only for the exclusive version 
Bonus on game content worth up to $ 100 for only the exclusive version 
(30 service boxes, 1400 diamonds, 2000 upgrade cards, 6 badges and 500 tickets) .

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This reminds me of a miniature that Gameloft has already launched in a draw.

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