Review: Shadowguns Legends (Android and iOS)

Review: Shadowguns Legends (Android and iOS)

It is commonplace to fall into the misconception that games like Shadowgun Legends are commonplace and normal on the mobile platform. The idealized proposal (and happily fulfilled) has nothing “normal”. A spectacular game, as you can see, with tons of content, spectacular graphics and shooting that appeals to everyone.

A legend among mobile games

Shadowgun Legends is the result of years of testing and testing. The game was announced in August 2016. In October 2017, Madfinger games began the beta test.

Impresses the volume of content produced between the opening of the first beta and the final version. The game has won hundreds of phases, multiplayer versus mode and of course raids co-op.

Also noteworthy is the use of the existing lore. The story of the game is a direct sequel to the first Shadowgun (thereof 2011). The player must create a character to enter to the elite of rewards hunters, the Shadowgun. This troupe is led by none other than John Slade himself, who is older and bearded in the Kratos style of God of War.

Although not very well known by the younger crowd, Shadowgun is a franchise well known by lovers of mobile games. The game was one of the first renowned shooting games to have a presentation that resembles console games.

The evolution of Shadowgun

Shadowgun and Shadowgun Deadzone, both were third-person shooter games. They resemble enough Gear of War, with that system of “cover and shoot”.

For Shadowgun Legends, Madfinger thought of something more dynamic. A game that the player could do both, play alone or with friends.

It was an evolution also in inspiration. The first game of the franchise had clear inspirations in Gear of War. For Legends, the inspiration was another: Destiny.

Review: Shadowguns Legends (Android and iOS)
John Slade has aged well.

In Legends, the player creates a character to travel through the galaxies, fulfilling missions and developing the story of the game. The goal is to become a legend. But this is optional.

You can also fall into the booze in a bar, or just enjoy the multiplayer versus mode. The possibilities are numerous. A game that is a Shooter, flirts with RPG and has interaction mechanics worthy of a The Sims.

Impeccable graphics

People get along really fast with what’s good. After all, who likes something bad, it is not. In a year they spawned PUBG Mobile, Black Desert Mobile, and Shadowgun Legends. Many just accepted it as “Normal.”

Review: Shadowguns Legends (Android and iOS)
Look at these rays of light, look at those rays of light … “BUNITO”!

But Shadowgun is part of an elite that explores how few the potential of smartphones. The game is incredibly beautiful, and more importantly, it is beautiful in any setting and even on smartphones with low processing power.

Many people complain, without reason, of the optimization of the game. Legends is very well optimized. The problem is that many players insist on wanting the game to run with graphics at the most, on input devices. Do not worry too much about it, Shadowgun Legends is pretty even with visuals to a minimum.

Review: Shadowguns Legends (Android and iOS)
It is simply indescribable to feel as you enter the citadel at the beginning of the game and realize that everything there is interactive.

When Legends was revealed to the world in 2016, the producer made it clear that it was using an Nvidia Shield TV. But having the game in hand, you can see that it is even more beautiful than the presentation.

Point-to-point controls

Shadowgun Legends follows the formula of recent titles like Guns of Boom and Modern Combat Versus. These games are 100% mobile-oriented, with short starts and a simplified control system (however this is optional).


Review: Shadowguns Legends (Android and iOS)
Where are the buttons? Calm! you can enable everything in the menus!


Your character will shoot as soon as you aim at the enemies. You must tap the screen twice to activate it. This simplifies things a bit, but throws precision, and agility, into the drain. Fortunately, it is possible to enable the shooting button.

Competent Singleplayer … but could be better

The focus on the story in Shadowgun Legends is not that big. Things happen a bit loose, but at least they do. However, there are many repetitive phases with a high incidence of same enemies. It is a negative point only because of the large number of them.

Review: Shadowguns Legends (Android and iOS)
Shooting game but with elements of MMO and RPG.

But the experience of repetitive phases is softened by the loot. There is a lot to equip your character. The player can customize almost everything in it, from armor, weapons to tattoos.

Surround multiplayer

We can say that multiplayer is divided in two: the cooperative and the versus. The versus mode is a kills between 8 players with quick matches. There is not much to say about it. Just liquidate the opposing team to collect points.

Raids are the highlight of Shadowgun Legends. Many bosses present in the game are difficult and impossible to finish alone. Having mates to play a co-op is essential. At that time, the game shines with a well-balanced challenge.


Shadowgun Legends may have come in a time when the focus is on the Battle Royale, but that does not detract from what has been achieved here. The only annoyances are some repetitive missions and the internet requirement for solo missions.

+ Pros

  • Complete package for FPS fans and science fiction
  • Impeccable graphics
  • Simplified shooting


  • Repetitive missions

Download Link on iPhone and iPad

Download Link on Android (Google Play)

Developer: Madfinger Games 
Advertising: Yes | Online Game 
Contains built-in shopping: Yes 
Requires Android 6.0 / iOS 8.1 
Language: English | Size: 836 MB

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